Professional Hobbyist: Motel Eola Remix

by Praverb the Wyse & Motel Eola

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"Professional Hobbyist: Motel Eola Remix" is the 5 track younger brother of it's Predecessor "Professional Hobbyist". South East London producer Motel Eola lays the canvas with raw soulful beats, of which Virginian mc Praverb the Wyse paints over with lyrical imagery.

Listen to the music, enjoy the music, share the music, peace.


released August 22, 2012

Produced by Motel Eola
Vocals by Praverb the Wyse & Don streat



all rights reserved


Moteleola UK

Born '93 and raised in UK, South East London.

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Track Name: Professional Hobbyist [Motel Eola Remix]
[Verse 1]
I do this for school teachers, educate the masses
The EMTs who weave in and out of traffic
The Police, some corupt, most loyal
The American troop, fighting on rough soil//
I do this for the mechanic, fix some cars
Grease on they shirt, they living it large (ha!)
I do this for those making minimum wage
In a garage, thinking of ways of better pay//
I do this for the single mother, working two gigs
Two kids, drama, stressed, wearing a new wig
Lease is up, landlord wants her out
So they can clean the place and new people can move in//
I do this for the graduates, seeking entry
No interviews, applications are plenty
Businesses are lacking, stock market is crashing
Payback student loans, money is rationed//
I do this for the convicts, trying to turn their life around
Find peace with the Word, they living righteous now
The streets calling, prison they just left out
No job, old habits, seem to be the best route//
Looting, shooting, recruiting, anything for cheese
They have good manners, they practice saying please
I do this for the people,
because the people give me the motivation to succeed, don't you agree?
Track Name: That's How It Is ft. Don Streat [Motel Eola Remix]
[Verse 1 - Praverb the Wyse]
This J. Cole swole, yes P is grown Simba
husky with the voice, hoist like I know Kemba
Median with the speech, the sender, destined to reach
no pretender, I enter like I'm blessed to compete//
With the force of a street fighter, Tekken, you see
trying to be known, without people checking for me
Tenderize the beef like I'm prepping the meat
life is precious, thankful for the seconds to breathe//
Life, is life, it offers many lessons it seems
dreams are a good way to express some relief
Expressing beliefs, self expression for teens
takes the form of an iPhone, they dreading the speech//
Detached from the world, steady pressing the keys
no news, current events, stressed by the need
To fit in, peer pressure has them repping the streets
others seek suicide and just head for the sea//

[Verse 2 - Don Streat]
Socially awkward so these keys is what I talk with
Only slang the dude use computer jargon
I don’t want to play outside exercise, no jogging
I just let my fingers do the walking//
We can get on blogs and start squalking
Type till I’m blue in the face from this nonsense
All this content post these comments
Like my life depended on this//
If sitting on these forums count for perfect performance
I guess attendance is enormous
Let me warm em screens are never dormant
It took on a form of its own king of the format//
Stroking the keys 24-7 I’m on that
Behind windows I’m all that yup
I can be what I wanna be low key
Got to sign-in to know me homie//
Track Name: Nothing To Gain [Motel Eola Remix]
[Verse 1]
As my foot hits the pavement, I think about engagements
Education, personal life, I want to make hits
It's so simple, yet many don't understand
I'm jogging in place, in life I do the running man//
Each day presents a new dream a new goal
Finding shortcuts, maybe even a loophole
Music is therapy, cause truth be told
growing old scares me, remain Rufio//
Stumble when I mumble over the hi-hats
3D when you see me it's like I-Max
A live chat, present some surprise raps
Pawn my soul, there's no chance for buy backs//
I have daily things that I strive for
Present truth, what do I have to lie for
I want to reach the clouds, so I fly more
When the speakers pound, I want to see the crowd//

[Chorus - 2x]
I'm not gon' whine, I'm not gon' complain
This rap money here, it all be the same
Major or indy, I'm still in my lane
If I rap like you, I got nothing to gain//

[Verse 2]
I'm back like I never left, thread with every step
In the gym, getting thin, pushing every rep
Every set, erases the stress, chase success
Won't plunge, won't die, no Faces Of Death//
Greatness is kept, inside, motivation just lies
On the sheet, writing heat, until the pen dries
No coward, fierce lion, some can sense pride
Purify my soul, it's complete, not rinse dried//
Life is short, I resort to commit time
To things I believe in and people I love
Music, I need a fix, I believe it's a drug
Ten years strong and I'm still seeking a buzz//
Still seeking a fanbase, gathering emails
Present free music, no need for retail
Strong work ethic, working on presales
Connect with the fans, giving them details//

[Chorus - 2x]

[Verse 3]
Grace the stage, correct the mistakes I made
Play the game way before the bases laid
A role model, no hero that saves the day
I just want to write because it takes the pain away//
Use to struggle with writer's block, now I write a lot
Mind full of topics, destined to be in Vinyl spots
Not the final stop, I've been blessed to breathe
Far from the best emcee, respect me please//

If I rap like you I got nothing to gain
Let me take you on a journey where I struggle for fame
I want to be large, you know double my name
But until then I'll just humbly claim
I got nothing to gain
I got nothing to gain
If I rap like you I got nothing to gain
Let me take you on a journey where I struggle for fame
If I rap like you I got nothing to gain

[Chorus - 2x]
Track Name: Everlasting Struggle [Motel Eola Remix]

[Verse 1]
One day you have a job, the next day your laid off
In the Unemployment line, can't wait to be paid off
At the supermarket, spending your last dime
Car on E, just thinking of past times//
Cutting grass for neighbors, walking their dogs
Changing their lights and cleaning their cars
Still attending church, no work, still tithing
Faith in an envelope, no funds provided//
God knows your heart, friends try to inspire
Wife presents bills, add fuel to the fire
Late mortgage, repo man, eyeing your ride
Suck it up, read Classifieds, dieing inside//
Sense of pride, can't see yourself dipping them fries
Or flipping a patty, you see yourself pimping a Caddy
Kids want to be fresh, tried of hand me downs
They get picked on, you stand your ground//

[Verse 2]
Each day the same routine, the same blue jeans
Progress towards a new life and a new dream
Fill out applications, you have aspirations
Complete them fast because you have a lack of patience//
Called in for interviews, wear a vintage suit
Coffee stains on your tie, not presentable
Wear dingy Stacy Adams not tennis shoes
This long wait, has you sweating, doing intervals//
Feeling miserable, you ready to puke
Butterflies in your stomach and they ready to move
Eager to work, faith keeps you in church
Miracle worker, just plant your seed in the dirt//
Friends say keep on
Preacher say keep on
This moment is a testimony, for you to speak on
I been there, unemployed and depressed
This is temporary man this is only a test//
Track Name: November 11th [Motel Eola Remix]
Worship the king, know that the purpose is clean
the earth is 80 percent water yet the surface is green
Created from dust, royal ties, the birth of a king
at an early age, the sage had me flirting with queens//
Mechanic heart, in my teens, I would service machines
focused on money, not talks about birds and the bees
Future told, I was grown, searching for dreams
dream searching, conversing while working for cream//
Stray from violence, my reliance on the church, it brings
joy, no vigil, or emergency teams
I want to be a millionaire, purchase some things
Cars, a yacht, clothes with colorful schemes//
That's the good life, want to be signed to G.O.O.D right
I can bank like Creflo, on Death Row like Suge Knight
The weapon is my mouth, wishing that I could fight
Inspiration, the music, right now I should write//
About the pain, in my heart, I want to levitate
Wrestling with pride, cut water, I'm shedding weight
Heavy burden on my shoulders, I'm super stressed
Depressed that a grudge will interfere with my Wedding Date//
Wood grain exterior, have to put the Pledge away
Free falling soul, I'm headed for a ledge today
Wipe my eyes from these tears, felt the pepper stray
Spent nights talking to God while the record plays//
Listen to Marvin Gaye, starving artist art remains
Father in the hospital, needs to have his heart exchanged
Talk about a defect, got it reset
A hard working man with legs on a feet rest//
Thinking to myself, he was close he could see death
Still has a pep in his step and I'm sluggish
Moving around the house, arms low from the luggage
Back sore, can't stand upright in public//
I'm a writer, with a marketing mind
With no niche, I wonder who will market these rhymes
Fighting father time and the sand in the hour glass
It's always sunny here, today we let the showers past//
Matured into a man, left behind my childish past
Hello new life, goodbye being signed for cash
It's still a hobby though, I smile when I hear rap
Because it was expression when I had fear trapped//
It was expression, when the words caused confusion
It was expression, never won, steady losing
It was expression, I'm thankful for my rhyme books
They made me appreciate how long a rhyme took//
Take some time to remember the heavens
My whole life will change on November 11th (2x)